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Amela Rubins Tomato is an exquisite tomato groomed with love and passion of farmers, with the petite Amela Rubins a well-loved favourite. Maturing under the warm sunshine creates a delicious concentrated saccharine ball filled plentifully with moisture and juice.

Fruits Tomato is a fruit derived by the blessings of Kochi weather conditions and healthy soil cultivation. A refreshing tomato kind where the full flavor and condensed nectar saturates into one. Spreading the delicious juicy burst of fruit, it enhances abundant of nutritional values.

Momotaro, with its pinkish hue is named after a popular hero in Japanese folklore. Skilled seed grafting and continuous cropping produces high quality tomatoes that are unmatched in flavour, juiciness and fragrance.

Mini Tomato is a cherry size tomato grown out the love and sincerity of Japanese farmers. Appearing red glossy revealing exquisiteness, it enhances an outstanding balance of freshness with full nutrition packed in every gem. A petite tomato with intense flavors and taste all packed in one!