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The Hosui Pear is brimmed with sweet breezy juice and has remarkable crunch. Said to be good for the lungs, Hosui Pear is perfect as a healthy snack or after-meal dessert.

The Tottotori Nijisseiki Pear was discovered in the wild and carefully cultivated in Tottori prefecture, Japan today. Available exclusively through Autumn, Tottori Nijisseiki Pear's luminescent green-yellow skin layers mouthful of sweet flesh with understated flavours.
As an interesting fact, in Japan, pears are said to be sweeter at the bottom. Hence, pear growers often pack pears upside down to allow their sweetness to sink through the entire fruit.

Unlike other crunchy Japanese Nashi (pears), the La France Pear is loved for its velvety and melt-in-your-mouth texture that closely resembles peaches. It is best enjoyed when thoroughly ripe and slightly soft – this is when the sweetness and fragrance is at its peak.

Le Lectier Pear is recognized by its clear yellow skin where its full-bodied mellowness content emits a sweet perfume fragrance. Carefully selected and handpicked in renowned Niigata Prefecture, the fluffy and soft heart ensures a silky texture and top quality consistently.

Niitakanashi distinguished for its golden brown appearance is often huge in size and treasured as a prosperous gift in Japan. The excellent quality of this pear gives it a mellow juicy personality and densely firm texture. The flesh is somewhat coarse, giving it a crispy crunch, and mildly tartness to freshen the taste bud.

Akizuki pear is a newer variety produced in the 'Pear Kingdom' of Japan - Tottori prefecture. The deep golden Akizuki pear is an autumn signature and is cultivated by veteran pear farmers using dedicated agricultural techniques and research mechanism harvesting the best of premium pears. While Akizuki pears are loved for its luscious flavours and sweet juiciness, pears are also good for the lungs and respiratory system, help prevent high blood pressure and promote instrumental function of the gastrointestinal system.

The premium Kaori-nashi originated from Tokushima prefecture literally translates into "Fragrant Pear". It is prized for its very large fruit size (up to 1kg), plentiful sweet juice and, of course, the fresh pear fragrances. In Tokushima, Kaorinashi are grown using sophisticated cultivation techniques and technology coupled with Pear farmer's sincerity dedication. The very exclusive Kaorinashi are harvested in small numbers in specialty farms, and are available for a very limited season every year.

Ohshuu Pear – the 'Autumn King' – is an autumn specialty with deep golden hues that encase delicate snowy flesh of lush sweetness & delicious juice. In Tottori prefecture, sophisticated cultivation processes and natural ripening are used to ensure that only a limited harvest of the finest selection makes it to you.

Shinkonashi, the most fire blight resistant asian pear famous for its extreme luscious content and mellow flavour. This golden brown russeted pear of quality crispness and premium interior flesh is produced exceptional with late-ripening characteristics.

Shinsetsunashi literally translates as 'The Pear of Fresh Snow'. Harvested in early winter, this luscious fruit is cultivated in mountainous climate. It is best loved for its large size, refreshing crunch and the juicy sweetness of its delicate snow-white flesh.