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Ichida-gaki are delicacies made from the astringent'King of the Persimmon'. Uniformity in the region's cool temperature and dry air of the winter produce Ichidagaki with lush sweetness. The thin coat of white sugar powder found on these tear-shaped Ichidagaki is formed naturally when fruit sugar escapes in the air-drying process.

The much-acclaimed dried Hoshigaki is made from the finest selection of Japanese persimmon. Served as a premium dessert, it is often given as a luxury gift. A strong antioxidant for the body, nutrients found in Hoshi-gaki prevent skin dryness and strengthen body's mucous membranes.

The Seedless Tone-gaki represents the astringent persimmon cultivars or Wakayama prefecture - Japan's largest producer of persimmon.Cultivated in greenhouses with controlled temperature, moisture and soil conditions, Tone-gaki is known as the King of Tannin with a flat nucleus (flat-free persimmon). Soft, sweet and slightly fibrous, Tone-gaki is packed with Vitamin C and Potassium, good for cold prevention, lowering blood pressure and even boasts cosmetic effects.

Fuyuu-gaki is a premium non-astringent firm-ripe variety cultivated in with strict persimmon agriculture technology and specified fertilising. Quality squarish size fruit bear single fruit at a time with the capability of self-pollinating makes rare harvest and such cherished in Japan. Best eaten as whole, but also serves recipes for finest desserts.

Anpo-gaki is a refreshing dried frozen persimmon carefully selected and processed to ensure top premium quality at all times. Known for its condensed flavor and intense sugar content, this lovely delicacy melts from the soft fluffy interior.

Atago-gaki is an astringent persimmon variety with single seed. Recognised by its unique tear-drop shape, Atagogaki is cultivated with alcohol calyx reactions techniques to produce persimmons with dense & sweet flesh. It can be enjoyed fresh and crunchy, or slightly ripe with melt-in-your-mouth texture.