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Kodama Suika is cultivated as a precious luxury fruit in Kochi prefecture. Vivid red flesh fills the edge of the thin emerald skin. The gem of Kodama, this "Princess Sweet Spring" is famed for its intense sweetness and luxurious watermelon fragrance.

Mango, the very own Japanese Mango that is cutely shaped like an egg. Refined under the affluence of rich soil, sunlight and wind, this tropical harvest unveils an exceptionally rich aroma embracing an intense mellifluous flavor and lush interior from within.

Sakuranbo is the highest grade of large grain princess cherries. Despite its light and petite appearance, it has a rich and honeyed freshness with a single bite in the mouth. It is best enjoyed during the sakura season of Spring in Japan.

Homan Yellow Plum from Yamagata prefecture is grown in 'Yellow Mine Met' with limited absolute harvest yield, making it highly exclusive. The farmer's dedication and small-scale farming methods ensure that the nutrients in each fruit are concentrated. The ability to optimize the use of sunlight ensures the highest sugar content. Exclusively available from autumn, the Homan Yellow Plum is the masterpiece & gem of plums with mouthwatering sweetness and alluring fragrance.

Kiyo Plum, the "King of Plum" famous for it delicate plum flavour and high sugar content. Elegant luxury golden crack patterns on the exterior with rich luscious interior. Kiyo Plum is a rare cultivation among all skilled plum productions bearing low volume results.

Ichijiku is a Japanese Fig that is characterized by its lusciously sweet flesh that combines with its exceptional texture of chewiness. Its smoothness of the skin paired with the crunchiness of its seed produces a delicate snack that has a subtle hint of aroma with a clean after taste.

Biwa, also known as the Mogi Loquat is raised on highland slopes facing the sea and grown in red soil contributing to a unique climate. Enclosing a golden flesh, this gift produces a wonderful combination of sweetness and acerbic concentration. Its high Vitamin C gives strong immunity value to the body.