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Introducing Amou from Fukuoka prefecture! Loved for its extremely large fruit (some bigger than a child's palm!) and perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. It is a moment of pure bliss when one bites into the Amaou and let it melts in your mouth. The best season for these rubies is between January and March; the best way to eat them is au naturale, and let their flavour shine through.

Sachinoka is exquisitely known for its differing tastes in different seasons. Characterized for its indulgently luscious content and moderate tartness, this strawberry type is plentiful of Vitamin C. With high dedication in producing the best strawberries, Japanese regards it as "Prince of Strawberry".

Nyoho is also known as the "Queen of Strawberry - Women Peak". Grown on the "Virgin Land" of cultivation, it has an incredible long shelf-life and supreme sweetness. This dazzling scarlet queen is best for desserts such as shortcakes and pastries.

Ai-berry is a superior grade of strawberry of deep scarlet and cultivated under long-term sunshine. Characterized by huge size, dense firmness texture flesh and high sugar content, this beautiful pearl is often recognized for its premium value. The locals call it "Love Berry".

Toyonoka is a new promising variety of strawberries specially cultivated through specific techinques. A vivid looking red gem is famous for its mellow texture erupting sweetness. The finest quality of long-lasting resistance strawberries.

Sakura-Momo-Ichigo is a new variety of cherry blossom strawberry. It took an interesting shape of a peach, possesses a firm exterior and candied-flavour flesh, leaving every bite salivating.

Sagahonoka is one hybrid strawberry species that melts the heart of many. Interestingly named as "Faint Saga", its sour less, delicate sweetness and radiant red skin make them very popular among patisseries.

Beni-Hoppe, strawberries of scarlet temptations. With alluring blush and drool-worthy plumpness, it enriches a heavenly balance of tastes. It is often recognized as the "Princess of Strawberry".

Hinoshizuku is a new variety of Ichigo (strawberry) developed by the pride of Kumamoto prefecture farmers. Its nickname "Hino Drops" signifies the clear and clean imagery of water. The fair white interior flesh reveals a graceful superb flavor.