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The world-renowned Fuji Apple - 'The King of Apples' from Aomori prefecture – requires little introduction. Authentic Japanese Fuji Apples are cultivated on the vine for ripening to flawless perfection. Scoring high points for delicate sweetness, juiciness and crunch, there are no questions to Fuji's popularity in the Apple Kingdom.

The Sanfuji Apple is grown using un-bagged cultivation so that so that the apples receive abundant sunshine. This produces a 'honey-core' that is really excess Sorbitol (sugar-alcohol) that fills the gaps between fruit cells. Harvested only between Nov – Feb, the Sanfuji apple is loved for its intense apple aroma, sweet flavour and crunch.

Ourin Apple directly translates as the "King Forest Apple". It is a premium variety with flavour profile of Shinano Gold and Indian Apple. With its distinctive thick, pale green skin with spots, the Ohrin Apple is immensely sweet with an intense fresh aroma.

The ruby Jonagold Apple has a natural golden glaze. Slightly less sweet than the Fuji Apple, Jonagold has a refreshing balance of acidity. Its dense flesh is firm-to-the-bite and very juicy. To keep the doctors away, studies found that 100g of apples can give antioxidant effect of about 1500mg of Vitamin C.

Harvested in early fall, the Santsugaru Apple is an autumn specialty from the world renowned apple producing region, the Aomori prefecture in Japan. These apples are a cross of the Jonathon and Golden Delicious variety, inheriting a perfect balance of juiciness, crunch, sweetness and acidity. While Santsugaru apples are best enjoyed fresh, their slight tartness also make them ideal for preserves and jams. Do enjoy them while season lasts!

The Kiou Apple, fresh from the Aomori orchards, is a winner of the Minister of Agriculture Award. Unlike more common apple varieties, the prized apple is exclusively cultivated in designated prefectures and is in season for a very limited time. Also known as the 'Yellow King', the pale Kiou Apples are a cross between the delicious Ohrin & Hatsuaki variety. The result is a firm-to-the-bite apple with tangy-sweet flavours and unique aromas.

A recent discovery and new favourite from the apple-producing Aomori prefecture is the Toki Apple. It has pale yellow-green skin distinctively painted with blush-like brush strokes. Toki Apples are only available in Autumn and is characterized with a wonderful sweet honey apple scent. Texture wise, Toki Apple is firm-to-the-bite, has dense flesh and is very juicy. A balanced level of acidity (little tart) and sugar content of 14 degrees makes Toki Apple a palatable and healthy treat.

The Kinsei Apple translates to mean "Venus" – the God of Love. Indeed, the pale golden radiance of this Aomori apple makes it one of the hot favourites. Flavourful, honeyed sweetness with mild acidity, Kinsei is firm to the bite and refreshingly juicy.

Mutsu Apple is named "Crispin" at British Agricultural Fair. Juicy, mild and tasteful, bagged Mutsu are a lovely sunset red and slightly acidic. Mutsu ripens and is harvested late October and is available till the following summer.

Sekaiichi Apple is an auspicious gifting apple in Japan. Literally translates to "World's No. 1", Sekaiichi is prized for its extremely large size. Utilizing carbon dioxide assimilation in apple leaves and specified accumulation of fruit sweetness, Aomori prefecture produces limited harvest of premium Sekaiichi apples.

Otome Apple – also known as the Maiden of Alp Apple – always draw little gasps of "Is this apple real?" due to its tiny size. The mild-flavoured fruit is a rare hybrid of Fuji Apple and a non-self-fruiting variety. Not surprisingly, this adorable apple is often use to decorate exquisite floral arrangements.

Akibae Apple, a specially cultivated type of apple projected fall-grown benefiting from the mineral and organic fertilizers. The appearance of dark crimson is a result of the sunny weather with little rain and fluctuating heat and cold temperature. Producing the finest deep red gem tasting deliciously luscious with premium tartness.

The Daikouei Apple is also known as the "Sakae Large Red" thanks to its unique colour of deep wine blush. It is juicy and has a good crunch, with sugars of 13-15% and mild acidity. The Daikouei is harvested in late October through Spring.

Kougyoku Apple, also known as "Jonathan Apple", is named after its founding farmer in USA. A vintage ruby with dense texture and robust flavour, the Japanese Kougyoku is relatively acidic, making it an ideal cooking apple for tarts, pies, sherbet and preserves.

Shinano Sweet Apple, is a delicious dessert apple enjoyed in Japan in Early Winter. Like its name, Shinano Sweet Apples are loved for its crisp and sweetness – with sugar level brix at 14-15% and mild acidity of only 0.3%.

Star King Apple has a unique conical shape. It is so named as white spots on its deep crimson body that resembles sparkles of "stars". It has a lovely flavour profile, and its tender flesh is firmly compact and accompanied by a subtle sweetness.

Shinano Gold Apple, is an elegant golden-yellow and delicious apple species, with crisp and juicy flesh. Dedicated agriculture and climate produces the exquisite sweetness and abundant juice with a little tartness to balance the taste.

Seimei Apple often labeled as the "Chin Ming Festival" hybrid apple of the "Fuji" and "Golden Delicious" apples. Reddish pink in exterior with a yellowish snow white soft flesh, it is characterized by a lower tartness producing a rich succulent content. This apple is valued for its honeyed flavor and often given as a cherish gift.

Shunmei Apple also known as the Shunmei 21 is a late maturing species of apple groomed under the warm sunshine in Japan. It is extremely dense and thick in flesh quality accompanied with a unique crisp texture. Enjoy this first class variety of apple from all round spring to summer season.

Star Dust Memory is nicknamed the Gold Star Apple due to its dazzling yellow hues. It used to be a blessed opportunity to taste this wonderful textured and refined taste in Japan history. Charcterized by its remarkably thin skin, indulge a big bite onto this crisp apple!