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The Japanese Musk Melon is an epitome of luxury in Japan's gift-giving culture. Of which, the most revered are the Crown Melon from Shizuoka prefecture. Prized for their perfectly spherical shape and intricate netting, these melons are a result of painstaking cultivation. Growers trim vines so that only one most promising fruit monopolise all nutrients from the vine.

Hokkaido's premium Akaniku Melon (literally 'red-fleshed melon') is grown in mountainous climate, resulting in an environment with ideal conditions for melon growing – ample sunshine during the day, and constant temperature during the night. This melon is cultivated in small amount by specialty farmers, hence considered a rare variety. Vividly orange & intensely fragrant, the Akaniku Melon is delightfully sweet & high in natural fruit sugar content.

The celebrated Yubari Melon of Hokkaido is a cantaloupe cultivars farmed in Yubari's native soil. The volcanic soil is raised to optimum level with water networks, providing an unmatched environment for melon growing. Top grade Yubari Melons have to be perfectly round with smooth rind. The reddish-orange flesh of the Yubari Melon is has a delicate melt-in-your-mouth texture and is brimmed with delicious melon juices that leaves a lasting aftertaste.

The Kaku Melons always draw curious exclamations due to its novel shape. Interestingly, these Square Musk Melons are expertly grown in special square framed box. While preserving the beautiful flavour of the famed Japanese Musk Melons, Kaku Melons are specially cultivated with the initial purpose of easy storage in the refrigerator.

The Arus Melon is cultivated in sophisticated greenhouses with ample sunshine, producing a perfect green-golden mesh with rich aromas and lush flavour that lingers on your tongue. To choose a melon, very gently feel the bottom end (opposite the stem) of the fruit. When it yields to pressure, the Arus Melon is perfectly ripe and good for consumption.