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Hakutou is an exquisite fruit of art work distinguished by its bliss whiteness tinted with subtle shades of pink. Grown in the Seto Inland sea breeze, it produces luxury peaches of superb textured flesh that gives off a heavenly nectarous fragrance.

Hakuhou is one finest peach that is embraced by its redolent aroma and elegantly pink appearance. Known for its thirst quenching and mouthwatering melt-in-your-mouth texture, it is cultivated charily on high-altitude mountains to produce the finest quality peaches.

Ougontou (Golden Peach), a highly rare peach distinctly recognized for its golden yellow exterior appearance. It enhances a tropical scent of a mango with flavors that reminiscent of a ripe apricot. This treasured piece of fruit encloses a full-bodied richness of superior firmness.