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The much acclaimed Kyoho Grapes are offspring of wine-making grape varietal. A slip-skin variety, its thick deep purple skin is highly tannic and not traditionally eaten. Kyoho grape's huge gem of a fruit, however, is very sweet and often complemented by refreshing acidity. Kyoho grapes are seasonal only is only available from early summer through mid autumn. High nutritional in Vitamin C and dietary fiber, Kyoho Grapes are also cholesterol-free, low in fat and sodium

Pione Grapes are a relatively new grape variety specially grown in the rough terrain and mild climate using aerial style. The ideal growing climates and superb craftsmanship in Yamanashi prefecture and Okayama prefecture deliver grapes of very high fruit sugar contents.
A slip-skin variety, Pione grapes peel easily and its thick skin is not traditionally eaten. Known as the Queen of grapes, Pione's top-grade black pearls has an exquisite and intense grape fragrance.

Delaware Grapes from the Shimane prefecture are specially grown in greenhouses using house heating. It is seasonally available from early summer through autumn. The small gem slips off easily from its skin and has a signature taste of grape candies. Sweet and tasty, it is a favourite for both kids and adults alike. Known to some as the Champagne Grapes, Delaware Grapes are commonly used to make icewines and sparkling wines.

King Delaware Grapes is celebrated as the King of Champagne Grapes due to its exclusively large in size and intense flavour. With texture that resembles gummy candies, the King Delaware grape is sweeter than its smaller counterpart and best enjoyed slightly chilled.

Seto Giant is one bunch of huge beautifully bright green looking seedless grapes often enjoyed whole with its skin. High technology cultivation and ice temperature storing techniques produces the best signature gapes of astringent juiciness and syrupiness.

Suiho Grapes, a prestigious type of grape species derived from the Pione and Centennial varieties. Its large grain and seedless nature, with overwhelming honeyed flavour characteristics, makes this berries type exclusive. It is often treasured as a gift to loved ones in Japan.

Momotaro Grapes is a new grape breed of substantially higher sugar content and crunchiness. It is uniquely similar looking to a Momotaro tomato which details a fine line across the grape. The seedless classy jade bunch, thus can be eaten as a whole, is very popular among the children.

The Shine Muscat Grape is a premium variety of grapes recently registered in 2006. These bright jade are specially grown in greenhouses with hi-tech cultivation methods– most interestingly, grape vines are grown along a shelf. Erratic weather conditions and long harvesting time (3 years for vine to be ready for harvest) makes the Shine Muscat Grape rather exclusive. More than just a looker, the Shine Muscat Grape has a lush sweetness and candy-like texture that hooked many grape-lovers.

The gem-like Aurora Black Grape is a new variety that mesmerizes many with its deep purple hue & deep berry sweetness. Aurora Grape is cultivated through an agri-technological breakthroug to stabilise sugar content & fruit texture. This means that the Aurora Black Grape will be delicious, no matter when and where you try it.

The Aki Queen's beautiful crimson skin earns it the name "Crystal Rose Queen". Its large and round rubies is often seedless, firm-to-the-bite and very sweet. A prized produce from Okayama, the Aki Queen is harvested from July and is available through early winter.

Nagano Purple Grape, a new grape variety that originates from Nagano prefecture. An exceptional hybrid from a cross of 'Purple Grape' and 'Rosario Bianco', it is loved for its large-fruit, easy-to-eat seedless flesh, rich sweetness and intense wine-making grape aroma. Limited harvest yields and little production make the Nagano Purple Grape rather rare available only during Autumn each year.

Kaiji Grape – sometimes known as Red Muscat - is one of the most popular autumn red grape varieties of Yamanashi prefecture. The elegant appearance of these bright red grapes is in line with its exquisite sweetness with fruit sugar content of 18 – 20 degrees. Unlike other better known Japanese grapes, Kaiji Grape has a crisp texture and thinner peel and less tannic. Kaiji Grape is often covered in grape bloom – a white film of natural-occurring waxy oleanolic acid that prevents moisture loss and decay.

Rozario Grape is a hybrid of 'Rozaki' and 'Muscat of Alexendria' produced in one of the finest vineyards in Japan in Yamanashi prefecture. Grown in an environment surrounded by mountains, consecutively sunny weather, intense difference in hot and cold temperature, and well drained area makes condition for grapes production perfect. The Rozario Grape is delightfully sweet and is commonly used for wine-making.

Muscat of Alexandria is the highest grape brought up in famous Okayama prefecture fruit kingdom of comfortable climate and superior cultivation techniques. It is recognized for its refreshing acidity and refined flavour. Due to its elegant taste, this seedless gem is given a nickname – the Emerald Queen of grape.

Shien Grape, also known as luxury winter grapes are prominently large oval in shape and lush purple-red in colour. The low production volume of this distinctive species of grape makes it extremely rare. The balanced of acidity and exquisite sugar content blend makes the quality premium.